Don’t Get Arrested!

You will be arrested if you try to visit The Narrows in Blanco, Texas by accessing the site through private ranch lands.  The Hays and Blanco County Sheriff’s Departments have made 15 arrests and have issued 30 Class B Misdemeanors for people who are trespassing to reach The Narrows.

To reach The Narrows, you will be trespassing.  In the State of Texas, trespassing is a Class B Misdemeanor and landowners on all sides of the Narrows are prepared to have law enforcement arrest you for this crime.  The result will be fines, possible jail time, and a criminal record.  A criminal record can hinder future employment, college entrance, signing leases, and anything in your life that requires a background check.

In most videos posted online, trespassers are clearly seen going through or under gates and clearly passing signs that state this is private property.  You will be arrested.